Haute Couture



At Luca Litrico we only use of the best fabrics and much sole of the Italian and Anglo-Saxon tradition representing the most advanced synthesis of comfort, versatility, lightness, crease resistance and beauty and quality.


Wool was the first natural fiber used for clothing and still remains among the most important fibres because of its unique characteristics. The most precious wool comes from the merino sheep, which is the wool chosen by us.


Cashmere is a rare and precious fibre with extraordinary traits with an extremely elevated capability of maintaining thermal insulation against both cold and hot climates. It is obtained exclusively from the fleece of the Hyrcus goat.

Cashmere is such a precious fibre because of the small quantity of duvet the goat produces each year, about 150-200 grams.


Baby Cashmere is the duvet exclusively obtained from young Hyrcus goats. This incredible fibre - extremely fine and soft - is obtained through a delicate combing process, which is absolutely harmless for the little animals.


The Vicuna is the smallest and most graceful of the South America llamas, a wild animal, never domesticated. It lives in flocks in the almost inaccessible mountains of the Andes at a height of 4000 to 5500 metres. The Vicuna is a beautiful, extremely slender and vivacious animal with an exquisitely soft coat ranging from golden chestnut to a deep fawn. This grows in two layers, one composed of coarse, long and bristly fibres, the other of fine, short and dense ones. These are downy and twice as fine as the finest ship’s fibre, varying from 6 to 12 microns. An adult vicuna produces 500 grams of fibres in two years but only 250 grams of clean fibres remain after scouring. It is the finest animal fibre and its softness and beauty are unequalled. It is a rare and precious product today just as it was at the time when only the Inca rulers themselves had the privilege of wearing garments woven from its fleece.

All covers are also 100% Cupro by Asahi KASEI.

The style

Established in Rome in 1951, the Litrico Tailor’s shop is still an owner hand-crafted company The Maison Litrico in Roma has always hold fundamental role in the Italian High Fashion Industry and it is also thanks to its activity that “Made in Italy" established itself. It was the very first Fashion Maison for men on the catwalks appearing together with collections of Fashion Maison for women. It has transformed and vitalized, ever since the 50es, the way men dress still today. It...

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THE 25000 STITCHES WHICH MAKE THE DIFFERENCE Every year at the artisanal atelier of the tailor Luca Litrico exclusive designs of men’s haut couture are created by employing very few unique models which are entirely handmade. A process which requires 50 hours of hard work and around 25000 stiches for each and every piece of clothing. The designs are very precious and are made in Italy in their entireties. Although adapted to a contemporary understanding, the designs still retain the artisanal...

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