Haute Couture



Every year at the artisanal atelier of the tailor Luca Litrico exclusive designs of men’s haut couture are created by employing very few unique models which are entirely handmade. A process which requires 50 hours of hard work and around 25000 stiches for each and every piece of clothing. The designs are very precious and are made in Italy in their entireties. Although adapted to a contemporary understanding, the designs still retain the artisanal essence of Italian fashion.

The rules of the Sartoria Luca Litrico are:

Artisanal feature
Exclusive Italian production
Controlled distribution
Attention towards customer needs
100% natural material

The style

Established in Rome in 1951, the Litrico Tailor’s shop is still an owner hand-crafted company The Maison Litrico in Roma has always hold fundamental role in the Italian High Fashion Industry and it is also thanks to its activity that “Made in Italy" established itself. It was the very first Fashion Maison for men on the catwalks appearing together with collections of Fashion Maison for women. It has transformed and vitalized, ever since the 50es, the way men dress still today. It...

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Haute Couture - The style - Tailoring Litrico


THE BEST AND MUCH SOLE ITALIAN AND ANGLO-SAXON TRADITION: ELEGANCE, CONFORT AND NATURE. At Luca Litrico we only use of the best fabrics and much sole of the Italian and Anglo-Saxon tradition representing the most advanced synthesis of comfort, versatility, lightness, crease resistance and beauty and quality. MERINO WOOL Wool was the first natural fiber used for clothing and still remains among the most important fibres because of its unique characteristics. The most precious wool comes from the...

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